Passionate Love

Passionate Love

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Main colour palettes / choices of colours : Shades of red and pink with a pop of blue

Wrapping : White art paper

Instruction and care : we will also wrap the stem for you when delivering. 

This reason is to protect the flowers from heat and to give them a drink for their longevity.

Product information:

Compositions of the posy ( Flower breakdowns)

  • 3 main flowers ( eg. roses / sunflowers)
  • 2-3 types of filler flowers
  • 1-2 types of greens and foliages
  • Kraft paper wraps
  • Sizing : approximately 25 cm width 

The posy is the budget-friendly collection by bouquet floral studio. The collection is to add joy and fun to your day. The posy is wrapped in kraft paper and packed along with a mason jar or vase ( alternative, you do not need to purchase the vessels if you already have one.)

After you receive the posy, kindly unwrap the package and put these beautiful blooms into the water. You can unwrap and pull off the rope and rearrange the posy in your own way too !

Instruction : Recut the stem in a 45-degree angle and replace with clean water everyday or two.

Please place an order 1 day in advance and this lovely posy will be delivered to your doorstep the next day.