The Wedding Arch : The Modern Take for Your Outdoor Wedding

The Wedding Arch : The Modern Take for Your Outdoor Wedding

When it comes to deciding on wedding flowers, most of you may have questions whether you need an arch or the full traditional floral backdrop. From my perspectives, floral arches can give your wedding lives, colors and structures.

The bold and meaningful floral arch can make a picture perfect wedding. There are so many unique styles to choose ... from the bespoke to intimate and even the cozy ones. 


When I design on wedding flowers, I believe in the concept of 'Less is more'. What I'm trying to say it doesn't mean that you only have to use less flowers to create 'Less is More' concept. Instead, you pull off the idea of what you really want to emphasize on...what you want your guests to feel. That's the jaw-dropping and meaningful arch, which elevates every part of your wedding.

Here're some of the arches I've done and they are my favorite. I designed these arches according to the personalities and preferences of each couple that I worked with. The creative and unique wedding arch is an alternative way to take your outdoor wedding to the next step. 

Whimsical and Intimate Arbor with Flowy Fabrics by the River 


The Garden-Inspired Transparent Floral Arch with White Background Stand

The Secret Garden : Elegant and Romantic Floral Arch

The Organic and Minimal Wedding Arch with Ivory and Greenery

The Romantic Proposal Wooden Arch

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